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The Organization
Miami Beach K9 Knights Inc., ("MBK9K") is a 501(c)3 Tax Exempt - non-profit, non-political, non-religious organization, consisting of dedicated individuals pledged to purchase trained dogs for the Miami Beach Police Department - K9 Squad. This in recognition of the services provided by the dedicated men and women in law enforcement; and the enhanced security for our local communities.

The MBK9K organization consists of member Knights, Honorary Knights, and Advisory Knights tasked with identifying the type, need, and location of the canines and breeders from which MBK9K purchases the dog and simultaneously donates them to the Miami Beach Police Department's - K9 Squad. In a way, the Knights are the god-parents of the dogs and have a strong emotional investment in the bond between the dogs and their Handlers.

On November 30, 2012 -  Peter Catalano, a New York, Florida, and Rhode Island, Real Estate Developer, hosted a private cocktail party with his wife Dana Valery Catalano, inviting ten close friends (the "Founding Members"), and senior officers of the Miami Beach Police Department to informally launch the Miami Beach K9 Knights, an idea conceived by Catalano with the guidance of Captain Mark Causey of the MBPD.

As a result of the gathering, the "Business Plan" for the organization was designed to be simple and non-demanding on the members.
MBK9K would raise the annual funds that would remain in the organization's bank account and not be fund over to the City of Miami Beach. As a result, MBK9K would purchase the dogs directly from approved breeders recommended by the MBK9K Advisory Committee (consisting of one Senior Knight, and Officers of the MBPD and K9 Squad). The dogs are selected by the MBPD-K9 Squad after vigorous trails in the presence of Knights invited to this special event "open" to the Knights, family members, and friends. It's a spectacular experience.

These specialized dogs are an integral part of law enforcement and as such are Police Officers trained to detect drugs, bombs, human trafficking, and provide crowd control including search and attack. Each dog serves for an average period of 7-8 years and then retires with their Handler who provides housing and care. One of MBK9K's future goals is to raise sufficient funds each year through its membership to provide for the medical needs of these retired canines thereby reducing the burden on the Handler and encouraging other Officers to join the K9 Police Squad.

Another MBK9K purpose is to build an awareness between law enforcement personnel and community members who truly appreciate the daily risks these brave Officers take in order to keep the community safe. We believe it's vital to have a relationship with uniformed individuals knowing that when that uniform comes off, they are no different than the rest of us in terms of trying to have a normal life - a task we believe is very difficult.

Business Plan
Each Knight pledges $1,000 annually and agrees to sponsor a new Knight each year thereafter, in an effort to support MBK9K's exponential growth to achieve a target goal of 100 Knights by year end 2016. All Knights must have a strong compassion for dogs and an appreciation of the men and women in law enforcement. There are no fund raisers, and the names of our Knights are not intentionally reveled to the general public in order to protect their privacy and avoid solicitation from other charities. Knights are free and encouraged to publish their statements and photos in other forums and social media.

Official Registrations & Issuances
On July 11, 2013 - the Miami Beach K9 Knights Inc. was officially registered in the State of Florida.
On July 15, 2013 - the Internal Revenue Service issued the EIN. The "Tax Exempt Status" is currently pending.

An individual who has an interest in becoming a member, must be sponsored by an existing active Knight.
Annual Contributions: $1,000 per Knight

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Past Events & Outings:
In an effort to learn more about the training and dedication of the Miami Beach Police K9 Squad, MBK9K has initiated community interaction from business and private sectors to increase awareness and garner support.

     (Most Recent over time)

     On December 8, 2015 - Cafe Des Arts hosted the Annual Catalano Cocktail Party in honor of the Miami Beach K9 Knights in their terrace garden. Champagne, wine, and small bites were perfect for the large crowd of Knights, guests, Miami Beach Police K9 Squad. The group was honored to receive a parade of magnificent K9 dogs and handlers up close and personal. We are grateful for both the Squad and Cafe Des Arts for making this event possible. 

     On January 16, 2015 - Mr. Costas Spiliadis, the owner of Milos Restaurant located on 730 First Street. Miami Beach, hosted a magnificent luncheon for 56 guests including (12) Police Officers and Knights. The menu included grilled octopus, shrimp, outrageous lobster pasta, salt encrusted fish, and all beverages. Our 3rd K9 Boston presented by Knight Andi G, and 4th K9 Tango by Knight Brandon K were well received, photographed and filmed by NBC Channel 6 News. - A festive occasion for all in attendance. 

     On January 14, 2015 - The MBPD-K9 Squad invited the Knights, family members, and friends to the "Dog Selection Outing" where two dogs were selected from a group of 8 dogs after vigorous trails and ratings by the Squad. We are proud to announce K9 Boston and K9 Tango were selected and paired to their handlers - two very happy Police Officers. The trails included attach and obedience commands; and house search response. Captain Henry Doce and other K9 Officers explained the process. A great learning experience.

     On December 27, 2014 - Annual Cocktail Meet & Greet Cocktail Party hosted by Dana & Peter Catalano - 42 guests in attendance welcomed our new MBPD Chief Dan Oates, and recently promoted Major Mark Causey to the gathering. Captain Henry Doce introduced Officer Emilio Garcia and K9 Mikey.

     On April 5, 2014 - Knight Robert Pascal, the owner of La Piaggia Restaurant  located at 1000 South Pointe Drive, Miami Beach, hosted his first luncheon for our Knights and the MBPD-K9 Squad Officers.

     On March 7, 2014 - Mr. Costas Spiliadis, the owner of Milos Restaurant located at 730 First Street, Miami Beach, hosted a spectacular lunch for 28 guest in the private dining room where our first two dog purchased were presented. The two dogs were presented to their handlers by Knight Bianca O (K9 Gunny), and Knight Andrea T (K9 Nick).Welcome K9 Nick and K9 Gunny.

     On February 24, 2013 - Knight Robert Pascal, the owner of La Piaggia Restaurant located on at 1000 South Pointe Drive, Miami Beach, hosted an incredible lunch for the U.S. Army Golden Knights Parachute Team. Due to the popularity of La Piaggia, seating was limited to 14 persons with 11 Golden Knights and K9 Knights. The overwhelming generosity of Pascal was very appreciated.

     On February 20, 2013, Mr. Costas Spiliadis, the owner of the beautiful Milos Restaurant located on 730 First Street. Miami Beach, co-hosted a lunch with Catalano that was attended by 28 individuals consisting of 13 Police Officers and 15 MBK9 Knights. The menu was spectacular and the experience was grand.

     On December 15, 2012, Captain. Mark Causey coordinated with Capt. Enrique Doce, to have the Miami Beach Police K9 Squad perform a K9 Training and Discipline Demonstration of on Star Island, Miami Beach. The event drew 20 onlookers including MBK9 Knights and friends. The Squad used 6 dogs to go though various drills showing obedience and attack commands. The experience was both exciting and enlightening.

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